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Babies Wrongfully Taken & Treated in err by Medicine & State!!!  Your influence & help is needed!
Famous, Honored LDS Vegan Family verses State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment & the Court. 
Not enough flesh? -- or too much fumes?
An Israeli Mother & her precious children violated and drugged here in USA: (not working)

Another Honorable LDS Vegan Family and their precious infant are harmed, in Manti Utah
The Community, Medicine and the State returned this infant and his family back to an uncorrected Carbon Monoxide Toxic home -- just as they did above, Sadly "they" (the State Medicine and DCFS) want you to believe it was their Vegan diet instead, so they can hide their incompetence and bill the family $40,000 and more instead of having done a $40 (as billed - actually nearly no cost) simple Carbon Monoxide test and simply prescribing free fresh air.
Daniel in the Lions Den .us
then for 34 million at same risk: aka
and for hard facts:

Teen Screen Holacaust -- in Illinois USA
Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08
Also see Animals, Agriculture, Environment vs Fluoride
The Gate!
Access your Millennium! see below
L.D.S. Vegetarians / Vegan Support - LDS Health
    We are a gathering of Vegetarians and Vegans (100% vegetarian) trying to live as best we can as faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And by living "harmless before the brute creation" as full vegetarians, we are trying to prepare ourselves and our loved ones to help bring about the Lord's peaceful, healing blessings as promised in the Millennium!

   Our desires are to properly nourish and maintain healthy bodies for us, our children and loved ones, to fully facilitate the vigorous working of valiant spirits within.

   Many of us have been to our own personal health crisis and found healing and renewal in living a cholesterol free, animal (antigenic ) protein free, animal fat free, animal hormone free, and animal disease free, plant centered nutrition diet and lifestyle, as complete Vegetarians (Vegans).

   We are finding healing, improved health and comforting peace in this life choice, by living as best we can, without harming or killing any creature as if we actually were living in the Millennial and its fruit filled Garden, and most of us have searched the scriptures and our faith and have found agreement, sustainment and comfort in this very important personal decision.  Sharing our understandings, health successes, and our perceptions with you on this issue though our eyes, hearts, intelligence and spirit already grounded in our LDS Faith is the purpose of this website.  

   This website represents the discussion of this health issue alone, by a growing gathering of caring LDS individuals only, and should not be taken as a representation or position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Gospel as a whole.  The priorities of the Church are Missionary work and the Perfecting of the Saints, nothing more, nothing less.  This website is only a discussion of our personal good health desires personally related feelings, personal successes and personal testimonies of such (while striving to live as worthy saints) and of our relationships and dependencies upon the Earth's Flora and our Father in Heaven's Creatures and our personal responsibilities and stewardships over both.

    Herein presented are the humble collections of personal words, discoveries and many perceived supporting scriptures (ancient and modern) and Prophet's quotes. They are contributed by dozens of we individuals trying to live the Gospel, as well as provide ourselves with the very best health we can.  So we hope this site gives you the courage to stand strong against the World's cunning attempts to corrupt, harm and destroy your body, your children's bodies, the bodies of the saints -- those precious and divine temples of our spirits -- and all life! -- and so conspires to prevent you, me and our children (and all life) from filling the full measure of our creation and finding that precious joy for which we all came to this Earth to learn, earn and obtain! 

Education and support is provided here.
   Because it is difficult to make and live a different life choice by ones self in a meat centered, contrary society; developing friendships and support with those of like belief, who may already be experienced, along with others also learning, makes this change and its continuing experience easier.
   It is also helpful, as it is with our faith, to be able to connect, share and work out challenges and find loving support along our learning path; so we here are drawn together in supportive friendships and fellowship in this important change.
   This is the purpose of (LDS Vegetarian/Vegan/Health Support).
   So we, as friends, and fellow members of our faith, are herein working to provide encouragement and help for each other through this connection.
Links - Note Many of these links and subject areas are continuing "under construction" and are open for improvement! -- So if you have something valuable you want to contribute or have found, please send it to be added (as my time and resources permit).
    Thank you for your visit here and for your patience as we labor to build these pages.
    I did not realize how much added labor, time and expense that is required in building even very simple web pages when I began -- but I do now!
    Thanks to my children (and some kindest friends) for providing me with some basic internet tools, minimal resources, education and encouragement. Thank you for any additional help you provide. tlr Email
Supporting Scriptures, Words of Prophets and Words of LDS Authors:
1. TheWord of Wisdom: DC: 89
2a. Scriptural Support: in DC 49:18-21
2b.Original "What About DC49:18-21" Apr 12, 95
3. Scriptural Support? Bible: 1 Timothy 4:1-5
4. 1 Timothy 4 Original Greek Full Page
5. Priesthood/R.S. Manual ~ Brigham Young
6. Discourses of Brigham Young
7. Times and Seasons: HyrumSmith
    -- The Engine of Health and The Millennium
8. Prophet's Diary (Feb 6&20, 1844) Five to "live"
9. TeachingsJosephSmith: Kindness to Animals
10. Josephus: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
11."Israel's Lethal Quail"
12. John Taylor /Parley P Pratt
13.  Supportive LDS Authors & Conference Talks
14. LDS Vegetarian Writers/Authors ~
       Writings, Books & Prose
15. Medical Freedom Warning of Benjamin Rush
16. Authors quotes in Washington DC and at USC
17. SuccessExperiences
18. Good News
19. LDS Diet and Cook Books
20. Blood Sacrifice?
21. Loaves and Fishes! Fish? or was it Bread?
22. Word of Wisdom Backwards
23. Supportive Archaic Scriptures
Contributions from non-LDS Sources -- which should be reflected within our own charitable values:
1. What has happened to our Compassion?
   "What Happens to Udders" ... Happens to Us?
 2. Garden of Eden was Vegetarian  - S. L. Tribune
Specific Sciences Most of these sites also are in building and growing processes! So please return periodically as we are able to find time to select and add in the decades of our research labors and those of others. If you have an important and  immediately pressing question or critique please E-mail us here (or call 801-298-9095, Your Caller ID is required for ring through and answer.)
Zoonoses -- Disease transmission Animal to Man; i.e. bacterial, viral, parasite. prion!
AutoImmuneDisease -- Animal tissues trigger factors -- application to all autoimmune diseases.
ADD Depression Autism -- Antigenic proteins, fats, sugars, chemicals causing neuro-pathogeneses.
MemoryTransfer/TraumaTransfer -- Animal to Man neuro-coding.
HormoneHell Don't do Steroids -- Animal added!
Vaccines or
-- True pros and cons! Vaccines come to you every day in more ways than you know! -- Animal connections to Cancer! Immune diversion is calamity and cancer! -- Pure water and sea life relationships to our health; Fluoridation or not! - New! WaterFactsUtah-Life Choices!

Pages on specific subjects, issues or opinions on other sights
Taking the Rah!-Rah! out of "Raw" Algae Spirulina Seaweed (Carrageenan) Warning

Correspondence of value on specific subjects or issues within E-mail or other writings
These are made available so you can learn from them until formal pages are written and added on the subjects.
Honey - A Sweet Delusion Liver Cleanses
Reaching out to each other.
   Together we are working to provide educational materials, classes, potlucks and friendships to help each other.
   We already have provided several University and Community conferences, "firesides" and public programs, and are continually providing more. -- This website page will have added and maintained links to show activities as they come up.
   If you are comfortable and desire to participate, please contact us. Indicate your location (just your community name is sufficient) and a means of contact (your Email will do), and we will labor to connect you with friends, some classes and/or potlucks near you.
Contact us through Email here, fax 801-294-2970, Voice 801-298-9095 (Caller I.D. serviced), or mail to PO Box 304 Bountiful Utah 84011-0304
Classes and Support:
Support Classes / Potlucks I apologize for some old data and outdated links being still left posted in these pages, but I have been consumed for the last 23 months in discovery and advocacy for an honorable family harmed by ignorant and incompetent individuals and bureaucracy. I will edit and update as my time and resources allow.  You may email or call me in the meantime. - / . VeganCowboy(Scientist).org ~ScheduleCalendar .

College/University Students support: (Please return as I add contacts in the next few weeks. tlr 11May05)
BYU: &   | Uof U: SOAR & EarthSaveSLC  |  Cedar City: George Wythe College |  Dixie-Saint George  |  USU-Logan-Cache Valley  |  WSU-Weber-Ogden 
Connected Sites of Encouragement or Help:  LifeSave Biological Research and Education -- gathering and teaching honest, real life science and experience! -- research, travel and teaching activities of this site's author or fellows. (*Vegan, i.e. 100%Vegetarian) -- researcher, author's personal story! Survivor -- Relay For Life -June 2005
Honored by SL Mayor & Beauty Queens >  Book: "Diet Decisions for Latter Day Saints"
Mormon Wisdom & Health -- book by LDS Physician: Kenneth E. Johnson MD
Mormon Diet by the "pioneer" Earl Updike -- and other books available from page: LDS Diet and Cook Books 
   information or encouragement relating to children!
Calendar of Activities for at-a-glance listings: LDSVeg,VeganCowboyScientist, LifeSave, and Vegan Eating activities.  EatVegUtah -- For Vegans (100% Vegetarians) Food, friends and fun in the West! & like organizations and individuals in the West. mental health efforts of LDS Sister: Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Phd -- "Prozac, Panacea or Pandora!"

 [,  and  are also access links in process of building!]

LDS  How and where does "Raw" fit?
See friend's new site: RawMormon Eco-Village

Tom-KinmontLecture-1Video: Tom Rodger's lecture, Richard & Joyce Kinmont's home (1996)
" Milk, Beef, Honey & Cnacer
Tom Rodgers Tell His Story"

This 2½ hour  was recorded by Richard & Joyce Kinmont (in 1996)
Then posted in 15 min segments, Sept 2010 on by "Bellteshazzar" -- Our thanks for his kind labor.
New Page: During our serious draught (and consequent fires), learn relationships between your personal choices and water - especially your food choices: WaterFactsUtah..(Chart: State of Utah Natural Resources - Div. of Water Resources) Why Eat Vegan? - To Save Water, Self and Earth!
Special Thanks to Brooke Adams, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune for her wonderful article:
"Little Sprouts" -  Pregnancy and raising children on a Vegan Diet. 
Please encourage and thank Brooke (and Stacey Nix Univ. of Utah Nutrition, who she referenced ) for her kindly positive efforts in courageously publishing this article! Her article helps correct seriously flawed public perceptions in truly healthy life choices, particularly for children. This information is in critical need, especially  within our  western meat focused economy with its over-advertised and misinformed victtims, hence unhealthy youth, families and communities - including so-called health professionals and educators. 

Consider sharing your personal or family's vegan health successes with Brooke (and Stacey) as well. 
"Little Sprouts" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune, Family, Wed. April 23, 2003 
Success Responses: 1. Joyce Kinmont 
Support Discussions and Potlucks  - More at Bountiful Public Library, etc. and EarthSave-SLC Potluck & Class
More links to other sites and resources:   .   .   .   Michael Klapper, MD   .   John McDougall, MD  . 
William Harris MD   .   Dr Ruth Heidrich, PhD    .   American Vegan Society   .  Vegetarian Union of North America   .  Dr Ann Blake Tracy, PhD (SRI's)  . NotMilk  .  Aspartame/MSG  . RawMormonEco-village  . by Michael Ames, since Jan 2005) &
See additional site in links panel in - associated sites 
Also try web searches engines with "vegetarian" or "vegan" and "LDS", "Latter Day Saint" or "Mormon" as search words.

MormonVeg - Yahoo Discussion Group:
Independent from this site and its authorship is another connection, education and discussion resource in the Yahoo discussion group called "MormonVeg".

Jack Monnett's (LDS)
Great out of print LDS Books, home education & more

Also see health and agency related 'Utah State Legislative issues' reviewed by friends
on  ByAThread
Schedule -  of Travel, Presentations, Classes and Interviews
History-- Maintained for contact references to worthwhile programs and great participants.
Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends:
   This site and and all our other efforts have been provided and are paid for out of my personal efforts and my already stressed and limited personal resources, including those of my wife and my family! They - with me - live most frugal, and go without much, so this information and labor can be made available to educate, encourage and provide benefit for you.
    Several times my family and I have had our utilities interrupted the winter, lived in a house at less than 60 degrees and scrimped on our food so we could instead keep these pages open, work without compensation and continue my freely given educational efforts made available to you.
    I travel and talk freely to you and your friends and families, often secure facilities and provide display and provide materials on my own dime (which should be my family's instead), and sleep in my old 89 Plymouth Voyager even in brutal cold to save costs in my many miles traveled to share understanding and get help to you or anyone.
    So if you are or have been benefited by these efforts -- especially you who have been benefited over any part of these now near dozen years -- years in which my wife, children have given up of our own even most basic human needs or simplest of wants for your understanding and your health -- and years in which your life may have been spared and medical treatment and prescription costs have been saved. It would be wonderful to have your help in any way. Your help would be a gratefully accepted as some repayment for your health blessings and medical savings. So if you could help us sustain this effort and let it and us continue to reach and benefit you and others, even with your smallest of tangible contributed kindnesses, it would ease my family's sacrifices, be carefully used, sincerely appreciated and bring benefit to many others. Thank you, sincerely,
Thomas L Rodgers, LifeSave, PO Box 304,  Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304  (ph. 801-298-9095)
This is a personally created and supported website. If you are able to economically assist, please help me maintain this personal time and resource consuming effort to share - including this website which costs me about $20 a month - to get healthy living information to you & everyone !
I have used all I have had of my own money which included thousands for University/Public venues, State and County Fair spaces, literature and photo copying which I purchased and made freely available for our vegan eating, human health and creature and Earth compassionate stewardship messages to get out
-- and did diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle nearly 2 yrs without pay for our Tabernacle Organist's family and now again without pay for a Bureaucracy, Medicine and State violated innocent LDS Vegan Family in Manti!  I am dead broke as usual now, but cannot, with my exact knowledge and personal healing experience, in good conscience, with any peace of mind, quit!  Thanks TLR
Please don't forget to express gratitude for any benefit you have received from our sacrifice to inform you here. Give your moral support, share & send kind Donations so we can keep this humble, but honorably encouraging site open for others.
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.    In Honor of Mary and Shirley! -- and my wife! --  My truly grateful and dependable friends and companions in this labor !
 Please know of our modern day wonderful but uniquely rare and "singular lepers" who have returned back -- as did the one of old -- to show tangible gratitude to his Divine Master, and then help bring blessings to others! Dear Mary, with her encouraging Shirley, has continued graciously helpful at my side now for several years, in return for our similar sharing of knowledge with her of healing truth and its lasting gift of health.  --  These pages of Life-blessing information would not be affordable for me, for my time, labor, and the meager reaches of my own resources, to provide and make available to you -- nor would many of our other materials, travel and efforts that are provided freely for you be possible -- were it not for the truly grateful heart, loving spirit and generous soul of dear and dependable Mary Mendenhall (with her supportive Paul) (also with help of her CC, Joel and Merrill), --  and that through the gentle encouragements always given with a widows "might" from her and our caring, loving, immutable and "unsinkable" Shirley Norsworthy. This is all with the supportive encouragement, patience and sacrifice of my good wife!  - tlr 2002
Not enough Flesh? or too much Exhaust?
Babies are now removed from Health Conscious Vegetarian, Vegan, Home-Education
and Medical-Independence-Choice Parents
in Ignorance, Incompetence, Arrogance, Pride and Greed
by DCFS, PCMC (IHC), AG & "Family Lawyers" & Juvenile Courts
- while "Good Men" do Nothing!
Famous, Honored Mormon Tabernacle Organist's
innocent LDS (Vegan) Family verses State Child Protective Services,
an inept Medical Establishment and the State's Attorney at Law.

This family got their surviving child back because of my discovery and media exposure
of true cause and of the Medical, Bureaucratic and Legal fraud; but they have never yet
been exonerated or given restitution for the death and damages initiated in the Courts.
Marylee Sarah Mathew
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsAnother Honorable LDS Vegan Family harmed in Manti Utah
Accused of harming their nursing child by not having flesh as part of their family's diet -- instead of the State and IHC Medicine identifying the true cause of the baby and the whole family's illness -- a HUD Manufactured Home Design Error causing Carbon Monoxide to poison their infant & family through the entire winter!

Daniel In The Lions Den .us
the same for 34 million, then hard facts in
Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08 Precious infant Daniel saved by me from his HUD & Utah State created Fiery Furnace!
__This site's Author was asked to run for State Senate.
__Please support him in his caring efforts and in this critical cause!
__Your personal lifestyle choices and family rights are at issue here too!
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The Gate is a comprehensive collection of Scripture, Prophetic instruction, and honorable science; all lighting the way into both your own personal Millennial blessings and a World Society's era of promised peace, healing, fullness of knowledge, freedom and happiness, as pointed toward and petitioned from us by our Heavenly Father, His Son, our Savior, His Prophets and all honorable mankind and creatures since Creation!

Carefully compiled and presented by KK Fowlkes, "The Gate" is available for you to freely read on line -- or is obtainable in paper back book form.
Go to, (or also access through the

Our hearts, worries and prayers go to all men and women placed in harm's way in Iraq and all other theaters of human conflict. May they individually and collectively be honorable, alert, healthy, protect and be protected from unworthy and unjust harm. And may they carry a spirit of compassion, just and humane management and peace to their opposing combatants, the innocent civilian families, the animals and the environment in those theaters where they have been demanded to battle and to ultimately exert positive social and political influence; hopefully helping to establish greater freedom for all. tar 3/26/03
We of the human species must come to peace with creation 
before we will be able to come to peace with each other.
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