Mormon Diet and Cook Books
Mormon Diet and Cook Books [LDSVeg]

Earl Updike's: Mormon Diet and Mormon Diet Cookbook.

   Earl is the brave pioneer in this era and social community; first researching, living and proving; then publishing broadly and boldly, in the face of hard set traditions and against deep and long entrained cultural concepts to the contrary.
     As a beginning and transitional tool and a perfect way to appease your traditionally fed family, this cook book is so easy to follow. The recipes are familiar and there are no exotic ingredients that you have to find, special order or pay high prices to obtain.

     There are a few recipes included that are not pure vegetarian or vegan. That is because not all was understood about the total animal disease problem (of zoonoses* or auto-immune disease* triggering in any animal derived ingredients; e.g. in beef or chicken bouillon, egg whites, whey, honey, etc.) by his wife, her assistant and Earl at the time of its writing.  But a simple exchange of those incorrect ingredient is usually obvious and fairly easy.  The occasional honey included can be replaced with raw sugar (turbinado) or maple syrup, etc;  the egg whites with egg replacer, apple sauce, pectin, ground flax, flour, potato flour, cornstarch, etc;  the chicken or beef bouillon with vegetable broth or Braggs or soy sauce;  the "low fat" mayonnaise with Nayonaise, Veganaise, or your own whipped tofu, lime juice, spice blend;  and the Worcestershire (which has anchovy fish) with blended prunes or raisins with soy sauce, Mrs. Dash or your favorite spice blend.
(I am building a page with home made replacements for common ingredients and condiments. It will be found in - Recipes)

     Knowing our charitable labor, Earl has graciously donated his books to us, with hope it would provide for some assistance in all our other effort's costs (like paying the internet service for your veiw). The bookstore printed price is $13.95 and $16.95; but I will never withhold copy from anyone sincere and in need.  But what you could afford would be used for mailing and keeping internet and phone connections paid and in getting copies to those who, like myself, have lost everything in illness.

Email your request to or call us at 801-298-9095 -- leave voice message if not answered.

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