Author's Quotes
"Recompense: Oppressors still - We are Still oppressed!"
"Our Worst Foolishness - Our Best Stupidity!"
Oppressing still!
- Man is still oppressed!

"It is true, that man has made great strides to free himself,
and liberate his fellow human beings, --

but still he continues to enslave, mistreat, maim --
and in mindless slaughter;
abuse, kill and consume the helpless creatures!

Then in nature's honest balance: 
disease, delusion, dysfunction and death becomes man's own oppressive recompense!

So, as long as Man is part or party to the oppression of anything!
man will remain diseased, deluded, dying!
-- and oppressing still! -- he will remain still oppressed!"

Sept 5 1999, Thomas L. Rodgers, PLT in Washington, DC.

Our Worst Foolishness!
 - Our Best Stupidity!

"The human body is still its own best physician!

All we of the human species have learned to do,
 is to violate it with our worst foolishness!
 -- then interfere with its healing with our best stupidity!"

Oct 7 2001, Thomas L. Rodgers, at USC

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