Original What about DC 49 & 1 Timothy 4:1-6
What About DC 49 (original)
This writing was my first publicly shared perception and feeling on DC49. It was written April 12, 1995.
Some editing of grammar and spelling has been done for this internet posting.  tlr - April 28, 2004.
"What about D & C Section 49 -- and 1 Timothy 4:1-6?"

To those interested, who need and desire sweet healing, only made possible through understanding and living the Lord's truest and simplest counsel!.. that gentle healing truth, that was finally seen as it actually is, without man's corruption, and experienced in my own personal struggle with failed health. Then in dedicated, purest compliance, as best as I could provide, I was granted heaven's gift of renewed life! (see end statement) 

 Thomas Lynn Rodgers. Apr.12, 1995 (edited 4/28/04)

Dearest Family, Friends, Brothers and Sisters:

        This experience is now too familiar to me; and (if you are vegetarian and LDS) is already familiar to you:

        "Don't you know that anyone who forbids you from eating meat is not ordained of God!" -- "I eat meat sparingly! -- and so should you -- that's why God made animals!" -- "And anyone who commands you not to eat meat has taken up with the doctrine of devils!" -- and they are (as one revered scholar wrongly infered and published) 'unstable', 'fanatics', or 'cranks'

        These are the words so often heard as one mentions to friends, family, and (church) brothers and sisters; when they have chosen to no longer eat meat, or desire to be kinder to the creatures!
    -- These are also the words that many times in my past (within my family's dairy, ranching and poultry production mentality) I also spoke: and (which) with all my heart, I fully (and foolishly) believed, even in my better biology and human physiology educated self!

        So in grand irony, these were the very words with which I was accosted, that first day (and on the few times since) when I stood, and bore grateful testimony to my church brothers and sisters, and own family of my restored life.

        I have been accosted even by those same family and 'friends' who had witnessed (me as) a once sick and dying man. -- now no longer dying, as I stood, walked, and even ran (to the podium), to give thanks for my preciously returned existence.

        I had been gifted a blessed life in firm promise (and reaffirmed in my father's sweet blessing) that for it's return, nothing more was to be harmed or destroyed for, or by me.
        "Nothing is to die, so that you might live", were those sweet words passed to me in those moments: as in a failing body, I pressed firmly eternity's door!
        It was in sharing these same words, with my gratitude for returned life -- in my innocent 'foolish' exuberance in my congregation (ward) -- that I was ridiculed!

        Though buffeted in persecution still today, my gratitude cannot be stayed: as every healing cell of my body has no other recourse than to obey, to testify, and to glorify that gentle Creator who blessed them all in that moment, and Who does continually bless them, in their compliance today, and forever!

        So now, how grateful I am that I finally understand those tender words (in DC89 and DC49) given through the Lord's true and faithful servant, Joseph Smith -- words sealed with his own dear life -- so that I might live!

        The sad truth is that if you had spoken to me five years ago and had encouraged me to leave out cholesterol, the fats, excess proteins, and the disease pathogens carried to us only in dairy, egg and meat -- even for my failing health -- I would have responded in that same blind way that my well meaning brothers did -- and I would also have firmly cautioned you to "get back on track, and eat meat sparingly!" That is how I did once perceive this counsel.
        But today, no longer can I claim tradition, nor our clouded delusions or misconceptions, as my excuse or my privilege!
        And, though still often accused and accosted, in my humble homely way of a simple man, I am required by every cell that is within me, to now live and speak what they (my cells) and I now know to be true! I am required now to come to the firm and clear defense of my Lord, and of His true and faithful servant, who's unblemished words work for the preserving and protecting of all God's precious children, and his blameless and innocent creatures, along with all the glorious works of His hands!

        So now in good conscience I must share, my tiny, but vital bit of knowledge, in the hope that, as you desire -- and still operating within that most important principle -- your own free-agency! -- you may be made free of the twisted understandings that we, of mankind, have fabricated to excuse and make cover for our sordid blood-letting past. and present!

        We must now release ourselves from the needless condemnation which we have brought upon ourselves. Condemnation, which must come, and does only come, as we, even if in ignorance, live in the world's twisted, changed and fractured laws.

        Now the locks of ignorance, evil tradition and deception's deadly chains, wrapped distructively around us, must be released!
        Doctrine and Covenants. Section 49. verses 18-21. (coupled with 1 Timothy 4:1-6. and Section 89) holds God's freeing, restoring and healing key!

        Section 49 was received of the Lord in 1831 in answer to the confused precepts of a then converting Shaker brother. Leman Copley. Yet within this revelation, as within all of the Lords counsels, His words always expand unto all generations. And in this day, as we press the Millennial envelope, this passage becomes even more profound for us now.
        How beautiful are the Lord's counsels here. Feel D&C 49's truly compassionate spirit, as in absolute concert with all truth, it expresses the sweet spirit of Isaiah's, and our own Joseph Smith's, tenderest dreams and visions of the harmless co-existence of the Lamb and the Lion, with man himself stewarding as righteous lords over all the earth, exampling and teaching the healing gospel of peace, to himself; then to all creatures:

DC 49:18-21

18.     "And whoso forbiddeth to abstain from meats, that man should not eat
the same, is not ordained of God:"

*       Whoever FORBIDS. prohibits. or hinders is NOT ordained of God, if he discourages or prevents another to rightly abstain from meats, and advise others to abstain, with "that man should not eat the same"! It is not the abstainer here, nor his kindest  encouragement to others "that man should not eat the same" that is in condemnation, -- but it is the FORBIDDER who is in offense and is a stumbling block in another's pathway to the Lord! - and to His (the Lord's) unspotted table! -- where nothing has ever been hurt, harmed, killed or made afraid!
**      And when you know and recall that the ITALICIZED words of 1 Timothy 4:3 are the inserted  words, i.e. PHILOSOPHIES of the King James men -- mingled with-in the scriptures! Then you will see that Joseph's pure testimony is precisely that same merciful testimony borne by Paul in his own language some 2,000 years ago!  (And sustained in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Nephi, Alma, John, all!)

19.     "For, behold, the beasts of the fields, and the fowls of the air, and
that which cometh of the earth. is ordained for the use of man FOR food and
FOR raiment, and that he might have in abundance."

*      As a fork at the side of your plate is FOR food, but NOT AS  food!  So it is that the cow is ordained and "sanctified by the word of God and prayer", and so is consecrated to provide for man's abundance as his grand helpmate; as tractor and puller, to drive and draft man's plowshare for 20 plus years -- FOR food! But NOT to be slaughtered, with the butchers sword, and turned into a few bloody meals, only to grease and stop our hearts. -- AS food!
        And like the living cow, the living fowl are designed to provide for beauty and balance. They must manage the pests of man's fields, while the living fish filter and cleanse man's drink, his watering and washings.
        So all animals do serve, faithfully providing FOR the abundance of many many seasons -- if permitted by righteous men to fill the measure, experience, beauty and joy of their creation -- those God-ordained rights. robbed of them. by us. in the blood and horror for one single meal; as in the worlds folly, we eat upon their innocent flesh; as did fallen Israel, in their partaking of those things offered to Baal --  AS  food!

20.     "But it is not given that one man should possess that which is above
another, wherefore the world lieth in sin."

*       For gold and silver, and power, by a few, these living treasures of the earth, the animals --  and the extravagance of land and feed required for them -- are hoarded, and fattened, destroying the bounty of the soils, just for the slaughter! Then -- for a price! -- their innocent blood and flesh is devoured. by still another few, while millions of God's other dear children, because of it, are denied water, land, food. dignity, happiness, and life!

21.    "And wo be unto man that sheddeth blood or that wasteth flesh and hath no need.'

What else do we need to be told? 
Wo, misery and dying has been and is our reward for shedding blood, without absolute need!

         And finally in powerful closure to this clear counsel is Footnote 21a!
JST Gen 9:11: "And surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives: and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands."

*      Brethren!  Because I never have had genuine need, but had only served my own appetite, my own bout with disease and death, was (and is) that requiring! 
        Sadly, I had not understood that "Ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils." -- So for 50 years, like all those around me. I had partaken of disease, delusion, and death in Satan's bloody products! -- hence these became my sure reward!
        Now I have chosen to only partake of the Lord's sweet banquet! -- of compassion! -- and of Life! -- so that I might Live!

*      *      *
         Now through the untampered language of the Greek, Paul's pure and compassionate, and truly merciful testimony stands firm with Joseph's, even to the mark of his spirit, rhythm, and even the words`.
         Did Paul inspire and help Joseph to write? I testify to you that he did!

1 Timothy 4:
1. "Now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith.
giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrine of devils;
2. Speaking lies and hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron:
3. FORBIDDING to marry, (and commanding - ITALICIZED) to abstain from meats;
which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
4. For every creature is good, and nothing is to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
5. For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer."

*     In verses 1 and 2 an unabashed and verbal Paul is squarely defining his FORBIDDERS
as followers of devils!;
 -- whereas gentle Joseph Smith, in kindest restraint, softly labels his forbidders as "not ordained of God".

Now we must learn truth, the truth of what Verse 3.'s FORBIDDERS were forbidding!

        In the some fifty manuscript copies available of this text, in the original Greek, not one uses the term COMMANDING!  The "and commanding" was added in by those Philosophers and men in the pay and influence of that political and business circle of King James I!  Did they have bias, or a motive - sufficient to conspire? - to protect their interests and profits, or personal appetites as did those of Constantine's empire???

So now, read that same Verse 3. in the unmolested Greek form: (Verifiable it in the direct Greek to English translation)

3.    "FORBIDDING to marry, TO ABSTAIN from meats; which God hath created to be received (respectfully accepted) with thanksgiving by them which believe and know the truth."

        Now to you and me, this may feel a bit clumsy, or structurally incomplete; but to the Greek this was neither incomplete nor uncomfortable.  Where you and I must have an AND behind the comma (after "to marry"), the Greeks and most of the world are happy using juxtapositional phrasing, even in a simple string of two, without the AND; and still passing the action of the verb "FORBIDDING" through to the subsequent phrases: even if followed by one phase; -- as is so in this case!

        So now lets look at the Greek through our eyes! -- speaking our AND, and passing the action of the verb, FORBIDDING, through to the next phrase:

3.   "FORBIDDING to marry, AND FORBIDDING TO ABSTAIN from meats;..."

        Does that not now sound strangely familiar? It does and must! (Now re-read again D&C 49:18!)

        I now know that this is what was shown to Joseph Smith, in those moments as he revisited and  re-translated the scriptures at the Lord's command. And in his seeing, he did clearly understand, but he could not openly reveal or firmly share all, with those then (or to us now) of his unready, unwilling, spiritually delicate, doctrinally fragile and in-traditions- locked, flock!
        How firm my testimony is now of our wonderful Joseph!  I am forever in his debt!  I love him!  And with every gifted breath I thank him!

        Joseph clearly understood the rest of Paul's words, because he did believe and know the truth!

        Joseph knew, as did Paul. that EVERY creature of God is GOOD, nothing is to be refused (disrespected, abused, un-cared for or turned away in its need), but all are to be received (caringly accepted, reverenced, nurtured and protected) with THANKSGIVING! This is the Lord's true order of  righteous dominion!

        And Joseph also knew that Paul's word "Meat" also was his word for Muscle, from where the pulling Power of the grand creatures. companioned in man's service, would come: to provide for the abundance of Israel's righteous men: the good ministers of Jesus Christ! (I Tim 4:6. note all)

        And so the Saints who followed Paul did as Moses in Exodus 22:29-31 had asked his people to do -- and now again as Joseph Smith has asked of us in this day to do!:
        That is to consecrate, in the like manner of our sons: our oxen and our sheep! -- anointing, blessing and sanctifying ALL to the bringing forth of Israel and to the building up of Zion, in His compassionate ways! -- with charity complete for ALL that lives, and that is the Lord's.
        And All this is to be done, as truly only it can,  in obedience to His word and Prayer!

*      *      *
        So forever, those correct words -- those words given by the Lord, firmly understood, intended and scribed by His true and faithful servants: first by Paul, then by Joseph Smith: -- was and is "FORBIDDETH" and "FORBIDDING",
        Not biddeth and certainly NOT COMMANDING!

        If the Lord had meant commanding' (in I timothy 4:3) (or biddeth, as unfortunately presumed by a scholar, in D&C 49:18 footnote), he would have said it! And said it clearly!

        But He did not! So I know now in my heart (and my healing experience), we must not!

        So herein, the Lord's bloodless pathway into the millennial garden was let be opened once more, one hundred fifty years ago by Joseph Smith. in kindly counsel, clearly spoken for us now, of this, The Last Great Day!


Sincerely, with honor and love always,
Brother Thomas Lynn Rodgers
April 12, 1995

Please Remember:
        These words are of my experience, my understanding, and my testimony; and they are founded in my struggle with death, in my cancer (terminal malignant shoulder-spinal-cranial melanoma. with a breast mass). accompanied by four strokes. heart infarction, and immune disease and failure 3 1/2 years ago!
        I only assume responsibility for me, and for my words -- knowing that they are strong -- and different!
        I do only share them in hope that what I have learned will be examined and tested on it's own merit:
        Then, as one may desire, you must personally prove (or disprove) that which may be supportive of, or for in your own testimony and blessings!
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