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Latter Day Saint Vegetarian Authors 
Latter Day Saint Vegetarian Writers / Authors:
    Following is a (beginning, but growing) list of contributing LDS Authors who are active and valiant in their faith as "Latter Day Saints" (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and who also are firm in their belief of the value, correctness and benefit of their personal fully vegetarian lifestyle choices.
    Their writings, made accessible to you here, reflect their valiant faith in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as is presented to us in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and their comfort and integration within it of those "harmless to creation" plant centered nourishment principles for the physical "temples of their Spirit" - found wonderfully and wholly within their fully 100% vegetarian (i.e.vegan) lifestyle choice!
    As you open their writ, keep in mind the inherent limits of all human language and boundaries of human skills with speech; also that each person's life experiences influence their perceptions, unique expressions and delivery. So please read with generous openness, intent on piercing the veil of mankind's clumsy script, and look into their hearts to comprehend and understand the loving and caring spirit, laboring within each of these kind writers as they reach out to share, encourage and benefit you:
Fowlkes, Kathleen: "The Gate" - new online book
(see below) and  Ye Shall Know the Truth
Fairchild, Kay:  The Millennium
& other papers: Bondage, Laws of God on War, Many Prophets, Thanks
Foster, Chris, Phd:  Vegetarianism - An LDS View
Johnson, Dr Kenneth: Book: Mormon Wisdom and Health
(link to Ken's own website)
Kelly, David -
The Lion And The Lamb
Kinmont, Joyce:  Testimony
(w/ scriptures & Prophet's qoutes), The Word of Wisdom Backwards, Book - Diet Decisions for Latter Day Saints
Patterson, Theresa:  - One Mom's Study of the Word of Wisdom
Rodgers, Thomas L:
- personal experience, perceptions and Personal Writings and Prose
Thorpe, Vonda:
Commentary on Word of Wisdom - personal comments and Prophets quotes (temporary simple text copy show for now - to be innhanced with bold, underline and italics later)
Tracy, Dr Ann Blake, Phd:
  Prozac, Panacia or Pandora? (to Ann's own website and Book)
UpDike, Earl: 
Book: Mormon Diet

(Other) Supportive L.D.S. Authors: - whose writings or references sustain a "harmless-to-creation" Millennial "Vegetarian" lifestyle.
1. Nibley, Hugh: "Prophetic Book of Mormon" (excerpt: Loaves and fishes, from Evangile des Douze Apotres, Fragment 2, Coptic manuscript)
2. Nibley, Hugh: See "Brother Brigham Challenges The Saints" - Available at LDS Book Stores
3. Widtsoe, John and Leah: See "The Word of Wisdom, A Modern Interpretation" - Available on "LDS Info-Base" or "Gospel Link" CDs  or  a simple text form cached here
4. Conference Talk: Apostle Joseph F Merrill "Eat Meat Sparingly" Apr 1948
5. Conference Talks: President Spencer W Kimball "Don't Kill the Birds" April & Sept 1978

Please return as we add to these pages.
If you have or know of someone's writings that can be made available here, please notify me by email  or call 801-298-9095.

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A powerful book about man's righteous stewardship over his own appetite and all creation!
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