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Explaining Italicized words as used in the King James Version of the Bible:

Important for all to understand when reading from the Bible!
Note that the use of italics in the King James Bible is exactly opposite to standard (Writers Guide) usage of italics in other normal business communications and in virtually all other writing or literature which is that italics denote credence, importance, special attention, or comprehension weightiness for whatever is italicized. This presents a unfortunate perceptional error in those who do not understand the contradictory use of italics for words added in supposition by the translators (philosophers hired by the King) in the King James Bible and its progeny.

Remember this always! In the King James Bible , word's in italics came from the thoughts, opinions, judgments, prejudices and suppositions of the King James employed philosophers / translators --NOT the original prophets, apostles, or ancient authors! tlr

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